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Paiste Gong

A Powerful Path to Deep Healing Meditation

Gongs are known in many traditions and serve various purposes. They are often seen in Asia being used to welcome, and on stages during inaugurations. Some gongs were originally made with the purpose of creating noise and scaring the enemy - and then there are those created for healing.

The finest gongs are found at Paiste. Paiste is a leader in the art of Gong-making. Their experience and craftsmanship enable them to create gongs from the finest and strongest metal, allowing the frequency vibrations to 'hang in the air' for the longest time and with the most powerful intensity. Their gongs have a magical ability to quiet us humans, our body, and mind, leading us into a meditative state in a short time.

The sound frequencies from these gongs manage to 'get under the skin.' It can pass through our busy minds, reducing or pausing our stream of thoughts and thus leading our brain and mind into silence. Most people experience a great liberation when the stream of thoughts is quieted, opening up a new healing state.

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