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Welcome to Spicebush Forest

I am an evolutionary astrologer and a crystal resonance therapist. I live and work on a beautiful piece of land called Spicebush Forest where we cultivate native plants. It is a healing land filled with infinite wisdom, inspiration and love and a place that offers safe haven to all.

I was trained and certified as a Crystal Resonance Therapy healer by Naisha Ahsian. CRT is a healing modality using the electromagnetic field (EMF) of the planet, stones & crystals, heart energy and the elemental forces – the matrix of creation. When I was introduced to astrology, it resonated deeply because I had already been working with the elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. Later I discovered evolutionary astrology. Reading about my own natal Pluto placement in "Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul" by Jeffry Wolf Green brought me so much healing and understanding that I sought out training with Kaypacha and graduated from the New Paradigm School of Astrology in June 2021.

Knowing your chart, the journey of your Soul, is a gateway to healing and understanding your life's purpose, leading you to have a richer and more fulfilling human experience.

I am committed to taking you on that journey in a gentle and compassionate way.

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