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Progressed Moon in Scorpio

It has been a long two and a half years and finally my progressed Scorpio Moon is done with me. Now I can honestly say it can be one of the hardest progressions in human experience since you're facing your deep psychological content you were not ready to face before.

Power struggles within yourself, what you can and cannot do, facing your own limitations as a result of an out of nowhere health crisis. Add to it an intense, deep, overwhelming emotion, depression and most importantly add to it Death.

During that time we've lost two of our dogs, which I had been deeply bonded with. It happened within three weeks period, and few months later we've lost our twenty years old cat. One needs to understand here, I was a kind of a person that could not see anything dead, it would totally freak me out.

And here I was for the first time in my life consciously engaged in a dying process.

First of all I had to make euthanasia decisions. Our wonderful veterinarian came to the house and we've made a ceremony. Everybody was present. We laid them on white cotton sheets and I was acutely, intensely present holding a sacred, loving space for them. Each death was very peaceful. My beloved companions returned to the Source. Afterwards I've sat with them for hours stroking them and just being. I've anointed them with essentials oils and placed crystals around them. The next day we've buried them under our pine tree.

The grieving process was long and painful. Now I can say I did finally let them go.

Scorpio teaches about the impermanence of life... every physical form that was born must die, and here we are learning how to accept that. It teaches us to accept our own limitations. Most importantly it teaches us to be in an intense presence with life now.

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