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Why Spicebush Forest?

Updated: May 15

"Step into my energy field, and I will balance your senses. I exist in a male and a female body, My fragrant roots intertwine with the roots of surrounding trees, supporting them and being supported in a constant energy exchange. My leaves feed caterpillars, which in turn feed baby birds. In the fall creatures love to eat my nutritious fruit. Whatever I take I give back, and the wheel of life turns. That's the beauty and the task of a native plant. "

Spicebush Forest presented itself to me years ago, in one of my healing sessions, asking if I was aware of its presence. It informed me that this is the name of the land where I live, and that it has been assisting and supporting me in my work from day one. I was so grateful it finally made itself known to me, since from the moment I had set my foot on this land, I knew it was magical with an incredible healing energy. With recent Uranus transit to my natal Sun - conjunction first pass - it occurred to me, that now is the time to make this land known to the world. I deleted my old website, and created this one with the acknowledgment of The Forest. It is more authentic, and so not business oriented, which I don't really care about anymore. Whoever I`m meant to cross path with, we will find each other. As the years go by, I grow more and more into the land, caring for it and healing from it. It is a source of wisdom, inspiration and healing for me and anyone who steps into it.

Be my guest

P.S. Pardon my English, it is my second language :)

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