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Knowing your chart, the journey of your Soul is the gateway to healing and understanding your life purpose, guiding you on the path to Self-realization.


My passion for astrology and healing arts has been a lifelong journey. As an evolutionary astrologer, I use this powerful tool to help individuals connect with their true potential and soul’s purpose. Alongside my practice, I am also a certified crystal resonance therapist and a gong player. I believe that by working in harmony with oneself and the universe, we can create a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology unfolds the story of your soul's journey—past, present, and future. Rooted in the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green, this lineage, which I practice, emphasizes understanding the soul's evolution through the natal chart, particularly Pluto and the nodal axis.

Answering the question "Why am I here?" is at the core of this approach, exploring life's purpose and meaning. By decoding the natal chart, evolutionary astrology reveals patterns of behavior, karmic imprints, and growth potential.

JWG`s teachings encourage us to actively engage in our spiritual evolution, transcending limiting patterns. In essence, evolutionary astrology is a guide to self-discovery, empowering individuals to navigate life with purpose and consciousness based on the wisdom embedded in the stars.

Paiste Gong
a Powerful Path
to Deep Healing Meditation

Gongs have a rich history and are used for various purposes across different cultures. Some were originally created for scaring enemies, while others were made for healing. Paiste is a renowned brand that specializes in crafting the finest gongs using the strongest metal, resulting in powerful and long-lasting frequency vibrations. Their gongs have a unique ability to induce in a short time a meditative state, quieting the mind and body, and promoting healing on all levels.


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