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I am an evolutionary astrologer and a crystal resonance therapist. I live and work on a beautiful piece of land called Spicebush Forest where we cultivate native plants. It is a healing land filled with infinite wisdom, inspiration and love and a place that offers safe haven to all.

I was trained and certified as a Crystal Resonance Therapy healer by Naisha Ahsian. CRT is a healing modality using the electromagnetic field (EMF) of the planet, stones & crystals, heart energy and the elemental forces – the matrix of creation. When I was introduced to astrology, it resonated deeply because I had already been working with the elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. Later I discovered evolutionary astrology. Reading about my own natal Pluto placement in "Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul" by Jeffry Wolf Green brought me so much healing and understanding that I sought out training with Kaypacha and graduated from the New Paradigm School of Astrology in June 2021.

Knowing your chart, the journey of your Soul, is a gateway to healing and understanding your life's purpose, leading you to have a richer and more fulfilling human experience.

I am committed to taking you on that journey in a gentle and compassionate way.

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Evolutionary Astrology

In acknowledgment and gratitude towards my teachers:
Kaypacha, Sol W. Jonassen, Maurice Fernandez, Christina Caudill, Timothy Halloran, Julija Simas
and Ari Moshe Wolfe.

I also would like to express my immense gratitude towards Jeffery Wolf Green, the founder of Evolutionary Astrology. Reading his books on Pluto had a profound impact on my own healing and understanding of my life. EA offers an answer to the universal question, which  I think we all have: "why". Why am I here? Why things happened the way they did? It empowers us to acknowledge and use our free will to make new choices relative to where we have previously been unconscious. Realization that we are all responsible for our own growth and evolution can be freeing and empowering within itself. This lifetime is neither the beginning neither the end.


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